About VBOTAG - Veteran Business Owner Tax & Accounting Group

Veteran Owned, we are a Tax & Accounting Consulting firm run by Veterans, for Veterans and Veteran Business Owners. Our goal is to help our veteran brothers and sisters grow their businesses and increase cash flow through tax and accounting tailored to their specific needs.

Working in conjunction with Veterans and Veteran Business Owners across the country, we serve as Accounting and Tax Credit Consultants helping individuals, companies and non-profit organizations maximize the tax credits afforded them that are found within the tax code. We navigate the myriad of rules and labyrinth of agencies to make sure our clients receive every tax credit or deduction they are entitled to. These credits dollar for dollar reductions in tax liability. These are dollars businesses can keep in house and pour back into operations, growth and expansion projects or hiring talented staff. Our process is simple, seamless and done at no added cost to them.

Additionally, we provide customized tax, accounting and bookkeeping services designed to help our clients increase cash flow, grow their organization and strategically plan for the future.

We look forward to serving you.

For Veterans By Veterans